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Stress Management Programs:

Our stress management program is designed to educate you about the basic nature, symptoms and consequences of unmanaged negative stress. Our experienced therapists teach you stress management skills such as muscle relaxation, cognitive restructuring and relaxation through specific alternative therapies.

During the program you will increase flexibility, energy and stamina, decrease muscle tension, prevent disease and improve work performance. We strongly believe that our holistic approach encompassing health, mind, body and spirit produces the most effective results.

HEALTH – Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching

MIND – Mental Health Coaching and Biofeedback

BODY – Acupuncture and Massage

SPIRIT – Pilates, TaiChi and Yoga

We offer 6, 8 and 12 week programs. The program begins with initial stress and lifestyle evaluation which determines what type of services are reccommended to best aliviate your stress. This individualized program consists of 2 hours per week and is a combination of health, mind, body and spirit techniques.


  • 8 Week Program
  • Initial Stress & Lifestyle Evaluation
  • 2 sessions per week total of 16 sessions
  • Individualized Program based on initial evaluation:
  • 4 Acupuncture, 4 Pilates, 4 Biofeedback, 4 Health Coaching Sessions

We offer stress management packages to corporations for executive level management in high stress high level careers. Contact us info@themedicalspaorlando.com for more detailed information or to schedule an onsite meeting.