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Our Mission:

The Medical Spa is a center for stress management that integrates alternative therapies to promote optimal health for individuals and executive clients. Our training program helps individuals identify, manage and channel negative stress into positive productive energy.

The Medical Spa philosophy is found on the principle that stress management and alternative therapies help to develop a life in harmony.

The program is designed to meet individual and company goals for stress management. Participants will learn lifelong ways to manage stress an life’s demands, to attain newfound insight and enhance self-discovery. It is our belief that “a life in harmony” is derived from a healthy body, a calmed mind and a strengthened spirit.

Our Goal is to give our clients the tools to achieve optimal health and live a life of greater abundance health and vitality. We believe that awareness and education, combined with integrative therapies is the best approach to healthy living and a productive life.

Dr. Richard L. Smith

Dr. Richard L. Smith


Dr. Richard L. Smith is a Harvard fellowship trained physician who is double board certified in anesthesiology and pain management. Dr. Smith is a caring compassionate physician who has practiced pain management for over 20 years. Dr. Smith has treated over 10,000 patients with chronic and acute pain and helped them find relief.

PAINSPECIALTIES.COMThe Medical Spa was created by Dr. Richard L. Smith to design stress management and integrative alternative therapy programs to reduce stress in the workplace, decrease absenteeism, promote job satisfaction and decrease stress-related illnesses.

Pat Conklin

Pat Conklin

Laughter Yoga Instructor

Pat Conklin is a living example of the healing and transformative power of laughter. She is a certified laughter yoga teacher and trainer, speaker, 20–year veteran of the fitness industry, health coach, professed biology nerd, and RSSP (recovering seriously serious person). As laughter yoga Orlando’s principal positivitist and fun-raiser, Pat delivers seriously fun and effective laughter programs throughout central Florida. Her work (laughter) has been highlighted in print, film, and television, including the national geographic channel’s 2014 crowd control series, which featured Pat in a social experiment testing the power of laughter to elevate mood in—of all places—the DMV.
Erika Goyzueta

Erika Goyzueta

Spa Manager

Erika Goyzueta began her career in the spa industry more than a decade ago she brings extensive experience in wellness, spa concept and development. At the beginning of her career she worked as a freelancing rehabilitation therapist in the medical field with doctors and in rehabilitation spas in Germany; Dad Kreuznach and Mainz. When moving to Florida she began her career by working in first class spa’s the Buena Vista Palace and the Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes spa in Orlando Florida as licensed massage therapist LMT and esthetician rehabilitation therapist. A year later she moved in to a management role. Erika is our spa coordinator and will help you with all of your needs. She is a firm believer that people do best when they take an active role in their personal wellness practices, to find balance in life and better health.
Henry Goyzueta

Henry Goyzueta

Licensed Massage Therapist / Tai Chi-Qigong Instructor/ Guided Meditation Instructor

Henry Goyzueta has been a licensed massage therapist LMT since 1996 and studied physical therapy in 2001. He started his career working in the olympic quarters in Germany where he administered massage therapy to athletes. After 2 years he decided to work for a sports rehabilitation center in Wiesbaden/Germany where he first was exposed to tai chi- qigong being one of the greatest tools in the rehabilitation. Tai Chi-Qigong has become his passion ever since.
Beatriz Henao

Beatriz Henao

Licensed Massage Therapist

Beatriz Henao, has been a licensed massage therapist LMT and facial specialist since 2004. She is also specialized in oncology massage and medical massage. Beatriz was born and raised in a small city in Colombia. She attended the University Autonoma of Manizales and obtained a bachelor’s in physical therapy. Beatriz is a cancer survivor and deeply feels she has a calling from god to help others achieve life balance through personal wellness.
Maria Marcano

Maria Marcano

200 RYT / Registered Kripalu Yoga Instructor Inner Axis Teacher and Certified Wellness and Food Coach

Maria has been practicing & loving yoga for well over 8 years, concentrating on the Ashtanga method first and branching out as she grew in self-awareness. Her approach to life and healing through yoga focus in creating a practice that enables the individual to learn about the incredible physical, mental and spiritual benefits of it. Personally, She strives for balance, strength, energy and joy for herself and her students.

Maria’s intention is to help people get the best of the ancient science of yoga for their bodies & lifestyles. Her style reflects the aim to help people enjoy a completely safe, invigorating and welcoming practice. Her formal training in the Kripalu tradition allows her to be her unique self and tailor classes to the students. This branch of yoga focuses on balance, alignment and modifications making yoga accessible to everyone. As a student of Master Yoga Teacher and writer Max Strom, you can expect a breath centric class that will improve not only your practice but also your mental and emotional wellbeing in the “outside world”. She is a believer that yoga is for everyone! We practice to become balanced strong & flexible both on the mat and off the mat.

In addition to yoga, Maria is a Certified Wellness and food coach. In this role she partners with individuals and companies in combating the current state of our health in aspects of food, lifestyle and energy. Naturally, she includes yoga on her coaching, but also many practical life coaching methods and lifestyle tools to conquer the “out of balance” symptoms that result from our modern life. Combining her expertise, Maria is inspired to be of service to the whole individual giving honor to the true meaning of Yoga, which is “Union.”

Paula Preston

Paula Preston

Biofeedback Therapist

Paula Preston is a seasoned biofeedback therapist having practiced in the Central Florida area for almost 30 years. With a nursing education Paula has treated thousands of patients with pain, headache, fibromyalgia and various other diagnosis.

Samantha Elgeness

Massage Therapist

Samantha Elgeness graduated from Central Florida School of Massage Therapy in Winter Park, FL. Her technique is precise, using slow, deep strokes to relax the tissue and release fascial bindings. Her philosophy of self-care and mind-body awareness education enables her to effectively partner with clients to achieve their wellness goals. Inspiring participation and engagement with her clients, she believes, is vital to the journey toward a better self. She emphasizes the fact that massage IS therapy, and there is great success to be had. Her specialties include posture correction and pain management, especially for neck and shoulders strained from computer use, and the lower back. Her passion for treating lower back and sciatic pain originates from the success she has found with managing her own chronic pain associated with sacroiliac joint disorder. Her pain management techniques include relaxing Swedish, deep tissue and myofascial release, trigger point therapy, assisted stretching, joint mobilization, and traction to correct muscular imbalances and obtain better range of motion. The main goal is to start the momentum of movement, and encourage that continuing momentum that grows easier with time.

Cynthia Khoury Badrak

Pilates Instructor

Cynthia was certified by Romana Kryzanowska in 1996. During her career in NYC she worked as a performer, director and choreographer. She has spent her Pilates career designing programs for various New York gyms and clubs and working as a physical therapy assistant. She has created specialty programs for pre/post pregnancy, joint replacement therapy, spinal and disc injuries and osteoporosis modifications. Her Training includes dance as well as Laban Full Effort work and Bartenieff Fundamentals. She has worked as an instructor at Baylor University, New York University, Mannes School of Music and the American Musical and Dramatic Academy; she is pleased to be part of the teaching staff at the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. Cynthia recently became a Rock Steady Boxing Coach. Rock Steady Boxing helps to improve the quality of life for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Ruth Diez

Acupuncture Physician

Dr. Ruth Diez received her Bachelor’s Degree of Professional Health Studies and her Master’s Degree of Oriental Medicine through the College of Integrative Medicine which offers a unique program that integrates the teaching of Oriental Medicine with the teaching of Western Medicine sciences.
The purpose of this is to produce a knowledge base that is appropriate for the practice of Oriental medicine in a society where Western Healthcare predominates. As more patients seek out alternative medical solutions for acute, chronic, and life threatening illnesses relief from complementary cancer treatment, muscular skeletal injuries, arthritis, depression, chronic pain, exhaustion, colds and much more, they are finding results in Oriental medicine. Patients are finding solutions that can be implemented into their own lives and therapies which are enhancing their healing. Patients are also finding treatments that assist with the physical and mental recovery, as well as practices that address the balance of mind, body and spirit.
Ruth has twenty five years of experience in Western medicine, working at doctor’s offices and working in surgery at various hospitals, as well as actively participating with health care teams. She is now able to better help her patients by providing acupuncture and oriental medicine.
Ruth has opened her own practice in Room of Beauty Body and Soul so that she may provide a more natural approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit in a way one can live to their highest potential by removing blocks that are keeping them from being happy and healthy.
To book a consultation or your first session with Ruth, please contact her at: 407-250-6718